Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Tutorial

Its the 10th again. My tutorial is about adding enhancements to existing photos.

We all know that your photo can be altered from colour to back and white and you can also appy digital brushes and use phtoshop or a similar programs. But simple effective ways to alter your photo which dont take lots of time are
painting and
Inking around the photo can be done too.

Writing On the Photo.
I like using both Gel pens and Zig writers on my photos. Sharpies are available for post offices/office works and are cheap. Its a great way to journal and gives a personal touch.

Can be done using either normal sandpaper or using your Basic Grey file on the photo.With a self healing mat under the photo , place the photo and mat near edge of table and apply up/down motion. This is a neat finish. For a more grungy look use sandpaper.

Using either a Staz On ink or paint on your stamps. Make a border around your photo or along one edge. Practice on blurry photo first . A contrasting colour looks effective.

Using paint on photos around the edge is a very simple technique to use. Contrast colour looks great. Use either a small artist brush or your finger. Decide whether you want either a thick layer of paint or a dry brush look.

The sewing machine is a great tool to use on your photos. A bettter sewn look is when the photo is matted on cardstock first. Choose zig zag or a straight stitch. Why not do use two different colours or stitches on your layout???

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ames said...

Lots of great ideas there, Nat. Fantastic idea to practice on a blurred photo first.