Thursday, March 26, 2009


Card by Kellie Winnell

My shipment of the oh so gorgeous Tilda stamps arrived today from Magnolia in Sweden - they are just so gorgeous - I want one of each.

I ordered 16 different stamps this time and if they sell well I will invest the total proceeds into purchasing a larger selection next time, including the accessory stamps and more Edwins.

If there are any particular stamps you are wanting that I don't stock then email me and I will put them on my list for next time which is already growing at a rapid rate.

If you want to check out the most spectacular examples of cards made with these stamps, then head on over to Kellie Winnell's website and her Magnolia Down Under website - she is the queen of Magnolia.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Crop this weekend

A Few of My favourite things-

check out the forum for the challenges. You have until Friday 27th to upload to the gallery. Prizes for the winners of the challenges.

Here is Nats gorgeous Challenge 1 example

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cybercrop for March

Well girls we have another cybercrop starting tomorrow night. Hope to see you there for lots of chatting with MSN, bingo and challenges!!!

Events as follows from Tracy.

Reminding you
*Chat in MSN from 7pm QLD time. I will add you to the group chat as I see you log into MSN or ebuddy and I will keep you updated in forum as we go.
*Bingo in forum from 7.00pm Friday 20th March with Kris
*Challenge 1 will be set at 7pm in forum by Nat
*Challenge 2 at 7pm in forum
*Challenge 3 at 7.30pm in forum

You have until Friday 27th March at midnight to upload layouts into the gallery.
Voting will begin on Saturday 28th March and will run for 1 week. Winners of March cybercrop announced Saturday 4th April.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Importance of White Space

One of the most basic aspects of your scrapbook page design is how you arrange the elements on the page. Elements include photos, background, type (journaling, title), blocks of color, frames, embellishments of any kind including stamped images, ribbons, flowers, rhinestones etc etc. One of the main design points to remember is don’t crowd. A cluttered layout can be unattractive and hard to ‘read’.

Empty space on your layout is actually a good thing! Empty space can be an important element in your page design. White space or empty space can make a dramatic impact on your layout. Here is a layout created by Kris showing how white space can pack a punch – If a layout is crammed there is no where for the eye to rest. ‘White space’ or ‘negative space’ is a technique used in advertising and magazine layouts. Basically it means that by leaving plenty of space around your focal subject, the viewer’s eye is not confused and is drawn automatically to your point of focus. It also means that the layout design is more restful to the eye as it is not darting about all over the page, trying to take in all that there is to see. Here is a layout by Dawn which is a great example of the effective use of white space. Whitespace does not have to be white. Colored backgrounds are nice, too. Such as in this layout by Kathryn – When you fill up a page it’s hard to look at because there are so many elements competing for your attention. You do need to leave some space on your layout. You want your scrapbooking products to enhance rather than overtake as in Nat’s layout here.
White space can be space around or inside a picture, or between the elements of the page. It is easy to concentrate on what you are putting onto a layout, to the point that you ignore what you ought to leave out. Whitespace can give the viewer a reason to flow from one photo or point to another. Whitespace does not have to be large.

Another way to use white space on your layout is to group your elements into the center of the page and use the empty, or white space as a frame as Ames has done in this layout.
So break out of the mindset that every empty space on your layout must be filled. Giving the eye a place to rest can actually help emphasize the more important parts of your layout. Less is most often more in many cases.

My example of white space.