Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to June

This last month has been so hectic - I have not had any time for anything much other than work and listing product in the store and spending time with the family - the kids have had so many activities that I had to prepare for - it has been fun but tiring, plus we have all had the dreaded flu - hopefully we have hit it on the head now.

The beginning of June sees the release of our latest Kreative Kits.

From this month, rather than the $20.00 Kreative Team Kits, we will be having an $8.00 Layout kit which is still packed full of value but will hopefully better suit your budgets in these tight times.

Kris has come up with a gorgeous kit full of colour and her example will be in the gallery tomorrow night (she has been waiting for me to cut out her title and of course I could not find my Cricut power cord - now located.....phewww!).

The new sketches have also been loaded to the gallery - this month's sketches were chosen by the fabulous Amy - so why not give them a go and upload your creations for your chance to win a store voucher.

I expect to receive my order of the new Bo Bunny ranges tomorrow and so will get them up on site tomorrow night - they are super gorgeous including fantastic Stickers - I am not a sticker person, but I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

Wishing you all a fantastic June and I would love to see more of your creations in the gallery.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kellie's 10th Tutorial..

Hi everyone,

OK so I am very new to all this so you will have to bear with me. I also tend to waffle, if you read my blog you will be used to that and if you don't well you will be by the end of this blog post, haha.

OK so as some of you may know I am the cards sides of the fabulous Design Team for The Scrappin' Kats and I am also a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and a crazy obsessed fan of Magnolia... Ok maybe not that bad, but lets just say they are VERY addictive, lucky they are so darn cute. So my tutorial is how I personally colour them and what I use. I have tried my hardest to do a step by step with photos and I hope you enjoy and it helps you all in some way.

Before I start I would like to add that my colouring style has changed 3 times since I started and that everyone does things differently and that I am also not claiming to be in the know how.

Here are the supplies I would need to colour a Magnolia...

This is my Stazon ink pad, with my SU watercolour paper and my Magnolia stamp on an acrylic block with the second one used for my aqua painter...

Here in this photo is all my SU inks and Markers that I plan on having close by while I decide on colours....

This is my trusty Aqua Painter than I would be lost without..

This is the stamped up Magnolia I am going to use for this tutorial...

To get the skin colour I use my SU marker called Blush Blossom, I colour this straight to the image and colour the whole skin areas in. I then get my aqua painter and go over all the areas. Doing this makes an even skin tone that I like the effect of and also I think makes the shade a tad lighter. Here side by side I'm not sure if you can get the effect that I can in real life, the one on the left is coloured and the one on the right has been coloured and then I have gone over it with my aqua painter? Another thing to not worry about is going out of the lines when using water colour paper, you can push the colour back in with your aqua painter...

After colouring the skin I will then start on the hair. For this Magnolia I am just going to do a simple brown. I am going to us my SU marker Creamy Caramel. I have three pictures to show the process in which I colour the hair.

Then I decide on the colours I will do the clothing and for this little girl I am going to try something different and I have papers in mind for it to. That is another way you can pick colour is to pick your papers before hand. I then have photos of colouring the boots. First I started with a different blue to get some depth, SU marker Boarding Blue after doing that I take my aqua painter and go over this and blend it in as the picture next to it shows and then to fill the boots I coloured with a colour I only have as an ink pad but that's ok you squeeze and then use the lid as the photo below will show. And then the result of the boots...

I just wanted to quickly show that to sometimes get more depth I use the journalling side of a SU marker in the same colour it's coloured, or for an even deeper depth I will do it in a darker SU marker shade. Also pictured below is the colours I plan on using for the jacket, my Chocolate Chip and Close 2 Cocoa markers, but I don't want them to be to dark so I scribble them onto an acrylic block and then use my aqua painter to get the shade I require. This can be done for all colouring.

After most of the colouring has been done I will go over bits I want more depth to. And then in this case I wanted this Tilda to have shiny gumboots and umbrella so I used my SU Crystal Effects to get the effect. You will also notice that it makes the colour change slightly. Not sure why it does but I always love the effect.

And then here is the final result and on a card....

I hope that helps for people that are just begining and that it wasn't to much waffle on. I am happy to answer any questions anyone has. Just post them in The Scrappin' Kats forum and I'll help any way I can.

Kellie Winnellx