Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hoop OTP Layout Tute

Ok... this is what I've found during my first attempt at the Hoop OTP layout idea.

Firstly, to answer a few questions:

1) Where I got the hoop from

My mum had a few spares stashed away from her embroidery days, which she kindly donate to the cause. I have also bought a couple different sizes from Spotlight and Lincraft, however neither of these places had much choice. I plan on going to a more specialized local embroidery place and seeing if they have any. Mum also had one of the plastic ones that don't have the outer screw ring, but rather a plastic ring that you roll off. This one will not work (in my experiments at least)

2) The size of the hoop

I used a 6" hoop for my “The Two of Us Together”, and cut my backing paper to 9" square. For “Happy Anniversary”, I used a 5” hoop and cut my backing paper to 8” square.

You will need:

An embroidery hoop – make sure it's one that the outer hoop screws loose on. There are some plastic ones that the outer hoop rolls off and on – this won't work.

Backing paper of your choice – consider the weight of the paper. Thinner paper will tear too easily, thicker paper will be harder to shape and get the outer hoop on. For "The Two of Us Together", I used a thicker MME paper and found it quite tricky. For "Happy Anniversary" I chose a thinner BG paper and found it much easier to work with. Consider having a practice run with a piece of scrap paper (I used some printer paper).

Step 1: Cut your paper about 0.5” to 1" more than what you actually want it appearing - depending on the thickness of the hoop, you will loose some of the size.

Step 2: On the back of your paper, place your inner hoop where you want it and score around the hoop - this will help your folding.

To place the hoop in the centre, I draw a centre horizontal and vertical line and two diagonal lines to help eyeball if it is in the centre (as shown in photo).

Step 3: Place some doublesided tape around the inner edge of the scored circle – this helps to keep the paper in place as you fold it down.

Step 4&5: Position and stick down the inner hoop on the paper and turn to the right side. Begin to carefully shape your paper around the hoop, folding it down to fit the outer hoop on.

Step 6: Unscrew the outer hoop as much as possible and begin to place it around the inner hoop, again being careful not to tear the paper. Depending on the thickness of the paper, this may be quite tricky, and a second pair of hands will help.

Remember as you position your outer hoop to consider where you want the screw to be (as this is where you thread ribbon through to hang your finished piece) – i.e. if you want it centered on one side, in a corner, offset etc.

Step 7: I find once I've got the outer hoop on almost all the way, flip it over and push down gently on the back of the inner hoop to finish it off.

Step 8: Tighten the screw and thread ribbon through the loop created by the screw

Step 9: Embellish as desired. When adhering your pieces, that the outer hoop and paper inside won't be perfectly flush, so consider using foam tape inside to make it flush. Also remember, if you are writing anything, to consider writing on the element before you stick it down... writing once it's on the hoop can be quite tricky... same goes with rubons, or anything that involves applying pressure.

(Click image to enlarge)

Got any questions? Post them here in comments, or join us in the forum.

Can't wait to see your creations using this technique. I've got to say... I'm a little addicted!


Tracy Firth said...

thanks Ames that is a great tute - will definately try this one.

Anonymous said...

I was eyeing of the hoops at Lincraft yesterday but decided against as I wouldn't know where to start...I think I will be heading back to pick one up. Thanks Amy!!!

aussiescrapper said...

What a great tute Ames, you have made something that looks hard seem very achievable, I am going to go op shopping for some hoops next week. thanks so much.

ames said...

Op shop for the hoops is a fantastic idea Mel!

Deb Neerman said...

Thanks for a great tutorial! I have tons of these wooden hoops from my embroidery/x-stitch days ... I can't wait to try this!

Chantal said...

Wow - I love your hoop otp creation! Fanatastic!!!

Gabi Alberti - ScrapBi said...

Wow!! I loved this tutorial!!! :)