Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Looking forward...

Happy New Year! Trust you and yours have a great year ahead.

There's a lot to be excited about here at The Scrappin Kats. The Kreative Team Members have been busy brainstorming on new ventures and challenges to come in 2009.

You've already heard about the 2009 Month in Review monthly kit. What a fantastic idea! It will be so great to look back this time next year and see all of 2009 documented.

Starting this month, some of the Kreative Team Members will be taking turns in producing a monthly design tutorial called "The Tenth Tute", covering different page design elements and how to make them work for your layouts. Tune in to the blog on the 10th for the first installment, looking at visual triangles.

There's plenty more in store for 2009, but I can't go reveal it all in one post... it's going to be a happy, scrappy year!


aussiescrapper said...

That sounds awesome Ames, looking forward to it, love the name "The tenth Tute".

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the tutorials - bring on the 10th - oh wait - that's only tomorrow - who stole my week?...lol